Monday, May 6, 2013

Updates May-August

25th - Birmingham, AL
26th - Atlanta, GA
27th - Greenville, SC
28th - Charlotte, NC
29th - Greensboro, NC
30th - Richmond, VA
31st - Baltimore, MD
1st - Harrisonburg, VA
2nd - Knoxville, TN
3rd - Nashville, TN

Once every show is nailed down at a venue and we have a list of bands we will play with we will update this post so that everyone stays informed. We look forward to this little stretch and can't wait to see you all. 

We also have 2 local shows coming up for the month of May: 

May 25th - Antpile / Nurture / HCOTV / +more TBA 
at The Forge - 5505 1st Ave North
7pm / $7 All Ages
May 28th - Coliseum / HCOTV / G.T. / COUNTER
at The Forge - 5505 1st Ave North
7pm / $7 All Ages

There are also going to be some great shows in the month of August that we are excited to announce but they are still in the works.

Not of the Flock is out for pressing and will be back before tour.
We have new stickers and buttons. Free for everyone of course.
We recently recorded 4 songs for an upcoming release. Once they are mixed/mastered we will upload them for your listening dis-pleasure.