Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Upcoming Shows

Jan 4th - Decatur, AL w/Real Friends, Light Years, and The Fourth Estate pop punk bands
Jan 5th - Gainsville, FL w/For Want Of (members of Chest Pain) @ Boy Prison
Jan 6th - St. Petersburg, FL - w/Hollow Skulls/Kid Aids @ Black Valley Collective
Jan 7th - ???? Anyone in northern FL or NOLA or southern MS can throw us on something?
Jan 8th - Baton Rouge, LA w/Baby Boy(members of Thou)

Jan 9th - Birmingham, AL w/Razormaze The Forge

Jan 16th - Birmingham, AL w/Apart/Kaleidescope @ Transylvania House
Jan 26th - Nashville, TN w/Nameless Cults/Deism/Yautja/No Christmas @ The Owl Farm
Feb 24th - Birmingham, AL w/Gnarlwahl/Nameless Cults/GT @ God's Butt