Saturday, October 20, 2012

Upcoming Things

Our next show is at The Forge on October 30th with Former Thieves, Enabler, and Xerxes. I think its somewhere around 10 dollars and it will start at 7pm. This is the only show we have booked for October. The next show beyond that is November 30th at The Bottletree with GT and The Hundred Years Whore (I don't have near as much information on this show other than that we were asked to play it and we said yes.) We will have freshly printed shirts and back patches of the Nun design available. Patches are black ink on khaki canvas, while shirts are maroon ink on white shirts.

We ordered the Pornography split cassettes last week from Canada, seeing as that is the only place to purchase pink cassettes that are cut to length. Since they have to make their way all the way down here, there's no telling how long it could take for them to get here. Luckily we are going to start printing off the 3 panel j-cards this weekend so we will have everything ready for when they come in. Once they are all neatly packaged, dubbed, and ready to go we will establish a web store for all of your consumer desires.

There are some special plans for the Not of the Flock EP that I'm not so sure I can say right now but I'm definitely excited.

We have a few songs in the making that we will be recording soon for a special release we have planned. (that was a shitty sentence, but whatever, you get the point)
A very limited run of lathe cut 7" records with custom packaging that we will most likely just sell at cost.

We are in the process of finalizing some of our tour dates for the winter, but the cities we will be hitting will (most likely) be Atlanta, Gainesville, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, and New Orleans. Once we get closer to nailing them down we will most likely print some tour posters with the dates (limited run of course because we are nerds).